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Light Assisted Meditation is a unique and powerful way to achieve a meditative state very quickly and almost effortlessly. Compass light is easy to set up and is used with closed eyes.


Compass Light uses Light Assisted Meditation (LAM), a technology that works for almost everyone. Unlike most traditional methods that take a long time to learn, LAM helps you learn to get in a meditative state quickly and effectively. The process of getting to that state is called Brainwave Entrainment.

The brain tends to tune itself to the rhythm of what it hears or sees, like when you dance to the beats of music or when you feel relaxed and at peace by merely staring at the flickering light of a campfire or a candle.

  Although brainwave entrainment might sound relatively new and modern, the same methods have been practiced since ancient times. Shamans use drum and rattle to tune into lower frequencies and access their subconsciousness, and the Greeks used flickering sunlight shining through a spinning wheel to induce altered states of consciousness. You can read some articles from scientific publishers:

             From Stroboscope to Dream Machine: A History of Flicker-Induced Hallucinations