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Phenomena of flickering lights effect and science behind it.


  Nicholas V Cozzi,  considered to be the 1-st US scientist - pharmacologist from the Department of Pharmacology, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, found proof that our organism can endogenously produce the same type of psychedelic chemical DMT. He published the results of his findings in the US National medical library Links for the articles are placed at the bottom of this page.

  Nicholas V Cozzi also tried predosing with some medication that slows down natural DMT disintegration before the light session. Then the psychedelic experience was much more intense and prolonged as per Dennise McKenna, who is a well-known ethnic-pharmacologist and, he had a similar effect too.

 .He is also claiming it is possible to achieve the same results as the DMT experience without any medications or illegal substances with stroboscopic lights if you practice.

 Some people who had a spiritual ceremony with AYAHUASCA or DMT experience claiming a very similar effect with some of the light stroboscope programs. DMT acts as a hallucinogen, but its receptor target has been unclear. Many people considering DMT as a "spiritual" molecule. If you would like to learn more you can watch a documentary about it " DMT: The Spirit Molecule"( you can watch it below on our page )

   Also, the study which was done in England suggests that stroboscopic stimulation offers a powerful non-pharmacological means of inducing ASC, as well as providing a possible adjunct to some therapies*.

Dennis McKenna discussing DMT and Light phenomenal effect with Joe Rogan Podcast #1133 :


Dennis McKenna discussing DMT and Light phenomenal effect with Joe Rogan Podcast #1133  (Yoube mirror) :

Documentary:  "DMT: The Spirit Molecule"

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