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     Even if our light cost only a fraction of the price if you compare other few brands on the market, you can also receive an extra 10% discount for all placed orders on June 23- July of 2021
  Veterans and senior citizens can use an extra 10% discount

2 weeks money back guarantee

        You can also preorder our new lights if you would like to.

For more detail e-mail us:

 Disclaimer: Our Lights are not medical devices made to treat or prevent any medical conditions. Even if it can help you with your health condition, there is no guarantee of the same effect, and it may also work differently.  Our device is programmed for meditation and other lights entertainment and is not suitable for treatment. If you ever had seizures or similar neurological conditions, our light device might be contraindicated for you since it can trigger preexisting seizures or similar problems. If you are not sure, you can always make an appointment with your doctor and ask for his advice before you try or buy it.

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This website is a work in progress.

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