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          Benefits of meditation

 Thousands of studies have shown that meditation can enhance a persons' physical and emotional well-being. Learning how to achieve a meditative state for most people usually takes long practice and dedication, and many people give up, saying that meditation is not probably for them. The Light Assisted Meditation device uses technology to take you to a deeply relaxed state in minutes. It is so powerful that your brain, stimulated by light and sound, quickly tunes into a state that usually only long-term meditators achieve.



Meditation by the Sea

   Positive emotional effects 

 Our lights' programs can help you to regulate " happy state" neurotransmitters and balance them resulting in a pleasant emotional state and a calm, peaceful, and balanced daily life. It usually doesn't end right away when your meditation session ends. It helps you to be calmer through your day and positively affects your physical and emotional well-being and the people around you. Learning how you getting into this state and recreating it later can help you achieve this effect even without our lights.

Couple Meditating

​ Light Assisted Meditation can help: 

  • Stabilize your mood

  • Boost your creativity and intuition

  • Encounter altered states of consciousness

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Fight depression

  • Induce body self-healing

  • Overcome anxiety and stress

  • Regulating the circadian rhythm

  • Inner journey traveling

  • Reduce wrinkles

  • Overcome addiction


Immerse in Drug-free Psychedelic Trip 

  Flickering lights can trigger our brain to produce profound visual imagery and a trance-like state. The study done in England confirmed similar brainwave patterns as people who were under psychedelics influence. These states can be very beneficial for our mental relaxation. You can read some research article in our "science" section:


      Improve sleep patterns 

  This effect was discovered as a " side-effect" after we conducted numerous sessions. Also, more study needs to be done, but for most people, our light ''sleep improvement'' program can help some people with sleep problems. We believe light frequency can trigger natural circadian rhythm neurotransmitter "reset" and balance it similar to the natural sun. 

Lakeside Camping
Meditating in Nature

Spiritual Jorney

We are working on articles on the Spiritual section on our website as well as on scientific researches in the "Science" section of our website. Please follow up soon if you are interested.

This website is a work in progress.
More information coming soon.

 Disclaimer: Our Lights are not medical devices made to treat or prevent any medical conditions. Even if it can help you with your health condition, there is no guarantee of the same effect, and it may also work differently.  Our device is programmed for meditation and other lights entertainment and is not suitable for treatment. If you ever had seizures or similar neurological conditions, our light device might be contraindicated for you since it can trigger preexisting seizures or similar problems. If you are not sure, you can always make an appointment with your doctor and ask for his advice before you try or buy it.

This website is a work in progress.

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