Would you like to discover some of your brain’s powerful and unique abilities?

Using powerful meditation light and sound you can explore the limits of your consciousness and improve the quality of your sleep, creativity and life.

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“It’s a bit of a heavenly place right now… I was able to zone out completely, I was very relaxed.


“There are some cool colors that are just overpowering, it was a very cool experience”

- Brenda


“It felt like I was floating through different fields of lights and sounds and waves, it was like whoa! Where is all this cool stuff coming from?”

- Tatyana


“I had a great experience with the meditation. If you love color, you’ll be in heaven, you’ll have all these colors coming at you with all these sounds, and you’ll feel very relaxed and I’d say I feel happy. It’s a great experience and I think you’re going to love it”

- Maryanna

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